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Lyre Harp DLH-003
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Experience the Timeless Beauty of Ancient Greece with the Donner Lyre Harp - 16 Metal Strings, Mahogany Body, and Copper Saddle DLH-003, Complete with Tuning Wrench, Spare String Set, Black Gig Bag, and Manual!

- Portable and Convenient: The harp comes with a black gig bag that makes it easy to carry around. This makes it convenient for musicians who need to move around with their instruments.
- Ancient Greece Style: The Donner Lyre Harp has an ancient Greece style that makes it not only a great musical instrument but also a great decorative piece. This is perfect for musicians who want an instrument that looks great and sounds even better.

The Donner Lyre Harp DLH-003 is a beautiful and high-quality instrument that features 16 metal strings and a mahogany body with a copper saddle. This lyre harp is designed to produce a clear and melodious sound that is perfect for playing a variety of musical genres. It comes with a tuning wrench, spare string set, black gig bag, and a manual to help you get started with playing. The ancient Greece style of this lyre harp adds a unique and elegant touch to its overall design, making it a great addition to any musician's collection. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, the Donner Lyre Harp DLH-003 is the perfect instrument for those who want to create beautiful music.